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What to Wear for Fall Family Pictures | Lind and Love Photography, North Texas Portrait Photographer

Here in North Texas, Fall starts to creep in finally the 2nd week of October.. we have so many bright warm days all summer and Fall and ok Spring, and sometimes Winter.. I actually love it. But when it starts to get cold, I mean we are ready for it.

So, Fall family portrait season is the perfect opportunity to put together some fun outfits for everyone to get outside and enjoy the new crisp season!

But… if you need a nudge on where to start, let me introduce you to this charming little family of 4!

pinterest collage VIGILS

Mom is brilliant in all ways design: home decorating, fashion, landscape and her cuisine.. yes her FOOD is beautifully styled! So when it comes to her family’s portraits she never fails!


This year it was all about glitz and glamour, a handsome GQ fellow, and two dapper boys! The palette is navy blue and brown. I love how she goes with a belted sparkly dress, the tie and bow ties, and adds an element of texture with the leather boots and brown cords on the boys. Accessories are everything! They really pull it together.


Aren’t they just actually perfect? *sigh*


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