My fam | Port Aransas, Texas | Shot early morning on a tripod

Hi, I’m Suzy.

It’s my greatest pleasure that you’re here! I would love to help you remember your family’s most precious time together through digital and printed art pieces that can be treasured in your generations to come.

How did I get here… I will never forget it. The moment our oldest child was born and I heard her first cries. I was immediately flooded with unconditional love for her. This was perpetuated with the birth of our second beautiful daughter. It just got better and better.

Early on in our journey into parenthood there were moments where things would slow down enough and I could see the beauty of all that was happening. I’d always been drawn to photography, so I picked up a camera and started combining the simple treasures of life with the study of photography.

Pancakes for breakfast, batter all over little hands. Picking flowers, which are really weeds, in the gorgeous evening sunlight. Reading a book by dim lamplight before tucking sweet little heads down for bed. All the joyous moments, triumphs, even disappointments were captured into photographs and remembered.

Since my girls are my true inspiration, I have dedicated my business name to them. Lind and Love are their middle names, and are family names.

I couldn’t put my camera down, and still can’t. I am self guided in my photography education, and have attended numerous workshops and classes. My ultimate source of education is of course on the job training from toddlers. Even the most seasoned photographer can learn a thing or two from them during sessions!

The art and skill acquired over time led to sessions with friends and family to capture their memories, something of which I am so proud and honored to do. I am so thankful for all their support over the years. This could not be without them. It is truly my honor to bring my passion to you now, to let you see the love and beauty that is your own family. 


A little about my background :: I grew up in Richardson, TX. A gymnast my whole life, I studied at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX to fulfill my lifelong dream of competing in NCAA gymnastics. Two team USAG national titles later and graduating with my BS in Mathematics, I continued with engineering studies at Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX. After graduating with my Masters in Electrical Engineering I landed in Houston to work for a big chip company, married my best friend and we were blessed with two gorgeous baby girls. After 10 years we relocated back to Dallas, TX. Five years later, I took my next career step outside the corporate office to live my passion as a photographer. I’m also a wife, Crossfitter, and a gymnastics and soccer mom. It doesn’t slow down as they get older, it just gets more fun!

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