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Seriously, have you spent time and money on professional photography only to have your image files sitting in an external hard drive years later, having never seen a printer??

This happened to me too… So I make it easy for you. You can have a gorgeous wall mounted display in your home featuring your images, or a beautifully bound book or heirloom album to admire every day. To pass on to generations to come.

Print is important. It’s a tangible walk by reminder of your precious time together as a family. It’s a reminder of who you are. It gives your children confidence and self esteem to see themselves on the wall. It’s a constant reminder of how important they are.

The digital age.. is seriously awesome. I love that we can take thousands of pictures on our phones, share them, be reminded of when they were little… but what happens years to come when technology changes? Hard drives sitting on a shelf don’t do much good if they fail (and they do… trust me, they do), CD’s of images don’t do much good when computers don’t come with disk drives any more, images on clouds are just that..clouds. Case in point: I have boxes of slides from my family. I also have a projector and slide sorter (is that what it’s called?).. these pictures are absolutely precious to me, but one day, some day, any day now I’ll take them to a professional to have them converted to print. You can make a digital image or enlargement from a print, but can’t do much about failed technology or “one day” activities. Nobody has time for that!

My Grandmother Mary with my Mother Susan, circa 40’s sometime 😉 | photographer: My grandfather Truett

Creative displays can include your own pieces, and my recommendations on additional products to add. Honestly the sky and our collective imaginations are the limit.

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