Studio and On Location

You’ll feel right at home, in my home! I have a residential-based studio located in Murphy, TX. It’s best for newborns, so we can regulate their temperature. It’s ideal for little ones too, they feel right at home here! And it’s best for a brand new momma to feel comfortable nursing in a private location. I nursed both my babies, so I get it!

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For family sessions, we will meet outside in the gorgeous sun-wrapped evening, or just after sunrise in the morning. Let you little ones run free, and have fun for an hour! No responsibilities except to just be together and enjoy your time. It’s not often you’re not rushing around, and everyone doesn’t have a device in hand, right? These are you memories, enjoy them!

And if you just need to get away, let me know and we can dream up your vacation session. The sky is the limit.

When you’re ready to book, fill out your info here and I’ll be in touch!

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